This digital care guide is an online manifestation of a care package exchange that took place in New Haven, CT. While reimagining what public programming can look like during a pandemic, artist Tiffany Jaeyeon Shin created kombucha care packages that responded to themes in the exhibition, Material Intimacies. Fifteen care packages were given to NXTHVN staff and fellows to gift to New Haven residents. This website shares offerings from these care packages.

Shin chose kombucha for its ability to cultivate life-sustaining gut microbes and fortify immune systems—concerns which have gained heightened interest during the current pandemic. The ingredients needed to create the kombucha, namely the sugar and tea, have long histories of imperialism which are subsequently unpacked through Tiffany's chosen essays, postcard images, and the physical digestion of the ingredients. Our hope is that you will use this guide to create your own kombucha while absorbing the related content.

Claire Kim
NXTHVN Curatorial Fellow